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Video minor project


Alone: My instant thoughts of what being alone sounds like: Inaudible deep frequencies, too low to be heard by humans but cause damage over time.

Common quotes and ideas of loneliness relate to death; the true form of loneliness.

In all images related to death everyone is alone.

Religious connotations are implied in renaissance art surrounding death as the common view on death was the soul leaving the body to enter afterlife.

In the 19th century wealthy American families would get portraits done of their children who passed away to help their spirits transition to heaven.

The modern day concept of death is something that we do not want to see whereas it was seen as a privileged mourning process in the 19th century.

Nowadays we are as disconnected from death as we can be. Due to general people living to older ages death doesn’t surround us the way it would have a few hundred years ago. This makes the 21st century more scared of death and loneliness than ever.


Tastes like water set with a small amount of gelatin.

frozen water, a brittle transparent crystalline solid.

Tastes like frozen water.

Being alone tastes like water as water tastes different everywhere you go.