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Black and White

Video and stills of me projecting shapes onto my body. Experimenting with the idea of censoring the naked body without physical materials. The aspect of the psychedelic shapes rolling over my body was also inspired by AIWS. Experimenting with putting my hallucinations in a physical form and displaying how my body feels over the top of my physical body.

Black and white in photography and film is an aesthetic I enjoy and I regularly chose to show my work like this. Although I like the aesthetic there are aspects that come with the aesthetic that I also enjoy such as the timeless effect to photos and film in back and white. Due to a lot of my work being inspired by Avant-guard feminism work of the 1970s regularly including black and white film and photography I like that my work somewhat resembles some of that work through aesthetics and themes. Another aspect of black and white in film and photography is censorship. I tend to put my work including photos and film of my naked body in black and white so I don’t feel too exposed as a form of censoring my body.

Stills from my video

Stills from ‘The Kiss of the Vampire’

An example of censorship in a film using black and white is ‘The Kiss of the Vampire’. In colour this film was considered too gory and gruesome for viewing as you could see the red blood and the colour of human skin. This form of censorship using black and white is alike to my own work as I don’t feel too exposed to sharing my naked body as black and white conceals my skin, certain shapes and almost creates more of a 2D flat image rather than a 3D person.