No Further Action

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This is an installation I created in an alleyway in central Oxford. This area of Oxford has devastatingly high sexual assault cases, mostly towards younger women. Facts from Oxford Mail are written on the underwear about reported rape cases in Oxford. The one that stood out to me was that 2585 rape cases have been left under ‘no further action’ in Oxford since 2010 whilst 3487 have been reported. I used this space to create a memorial like atmosphere to the public and highlight on how many cases go unsolved which is very scary to me. Living in Oxford and hearing of personal and public news on sexual assault and abuse inspired me to create this piece and comment on the morbid side of Oxford that is hidden and allot of the time covered up.

I was also inspired by my geometry project at Brookes for the design of this piece. In the geometry project I created an installation using string and trees creating a web between trees which replicated a washing line alike to ‘No Further Action’. I thought the geometry piece looked successful but lacked depth behind the concept.

Zoe Buckman also massively influenced me to create this piece as she creates artworks battling cultural norms of women mainly featuring sculptures or installations of embroidered womens lingerie.

Photographs of installation:

A short video of the installation:

Zoe Buckman’s artwork: