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Bill Viola

The water aspect of these stills and the videos reminded me of Bill Viola’s work. Following up on the concept of Bill’s work it is based on the cycle of life through birth, life, death, rebirth. This has inspired me to keep the theme of my body and death but maybe touch on my past and the idea of rebirth.

Starting the future project with the idea of the future of the body, specifically my body. The only specific factor of the future every creature on earth shares is death and being a dead body. I have been researching how dead bodies are preserved throughout history. How the Egyptians preserved bodies for mummification interests me as the materials are accessible and natural such as ice, vinegar, wax, thread, cotton.

My first ideas with these interests are to experiment with performance/video art to do the mummification process on my own body. Even though in the future there will be a different process of preservation for my body this idea of cleaning and preserving my living body like a corpse represents the inevitability of death and the inevitable wash.

Edited stills from the video.

Inevitable Wash Videos:

Showing the dark side of death.

Shining light on death.