Fine Art Major Project

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Acrylic print on material on canvas. Inspired by subtle marks and colours found on my body and clothes after my walk.

Close-ups of my ice sculpture.

This is an ice sculpture filled with plants found from my given walk. I used ice as it’s a natural product I’m surrounded by whilst I go on my walk in this cold weather.

Acrylic painting on canvas. Inspired by the dried flowers and trees during this time of the year.

Concrete sculptures filled with dried plants. I used concrete as I am focussing on real materials that surround me on my walk. I really like the last 2 sculptures as they have the figurative aspect I aimed for. I like how the second sculpture looks as if it’s decaying, it gives the feeling of death and nature. These feelings also represent the current atmosphere of lockdown.

Acrylic, spray paint, and dirt painting on canvas. these paintings are inspired by my mud sketchbook page from the first time I went on my walk. I went on the walk again and collected some mud and used this as a pigment. This inspired the idea of only using natural products found on the walk as work for this project.


Sketchbook Pages:

All pages represent the visual and emotional aspects of my walk. Pages are completed with charcoal, biro, monoprint.